Preventive Dentistry IN DRY RIDGE

Preventive care is the foundation of a healthy mouth. A dedicated homecare routine combined with our professional services can help keep your gums healthy and your teeth cavity-free. Regular professional exams and cleanings also help us catch issues while they are small which can save you time in the chair and keep money in your wallet.

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Cleaning & Hygiene

Seeing your dentist for a regular cleaning and maintaining an excellent home care routine are two of the most effective (and least costly) ways to help keep your mouth healthy and cavity-free.

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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays have become standard in most dental offices because they require less radiation and they can be enhanced to see more detail. This means more accurate diagnosis and streamlined treatment.

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Fluoride Treatments

Professional fluoride treatments for children and adults can help remineralize enamel that’s starting to weaken to help protect teeth from cavities. Not only that, but studies have shown that for every dollar spent on fluoride application, about $14 are saved on restorative treatment.

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Dental Sealants

The grooves in teeth are the #1 place for cavities to start. This is because those grooves are so deep a toothbrush can't actually clean them. Sealants are the best preventative way to keep these cavities from starting. They are incredibly important in both children and adults. It is a painless and quick procedure to seal a tooth and can be done at the same time as your cleaning.

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Periodontal Care

We have two battles we wage in the mouth. One is tooth decay and the other is gum disease. If you have signs of gum disease, we may recommend more than two cleanings a year as well as a deep cleaning to help make sure both your teeth and gums stay healthy.

About 15 years ago, the Mayo Clinic published their findings linking gum disease to heart disease, and this information has since been taking the dental and medical communities by storm. Although we can never get back the bone we have lost, a diligent cleaning regimen and partnership with your local dental office can arrest this process so that we both stop the progression of gum disease and help your cardiovascular health.

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Oral Cancer Screenings

As we believe this is standard of care, oral cancer screenings at every maintenance visit. If caught early, oral cancer is highly treatable. Our oral cancer screening looks for lumps, bumps, and sores that don’t heal on your gums, tongue, cheeks and other soft tissue of your mouth. Oral cancer doesn’t usually hurt, so early detection is crucial.

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Night Guards

Do you wake up with a headache or an achy, stiff jaw? You might be clenching or grinding your teeth at night! Our custom night guards are designed to place your jaw in the most stable position for the joint. This helps protect not only your teeth but all the accessory complex structures that make up the jaw and its functions.

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Sports Guards

Protect those pearly whites! If you or your child play high-contact sports, a sports guard can help protect teeth from injury. A sports guard is also a great way to protect your lips and cheeks from damage if your child has braces.

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Family Dentistry

We love and treat kids! Did you know your child's first dental exam should be 12 months. It is great to begin to familiarize children with their dental care, and also catch small problems early. We focus on oral hygiene habits with parents and strategies to keep there children as healthy as possible

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is preventive care covered by dental insurance?

Yes! Dental insurance can cover much of preventive care. We always promise to maximize your insurance benefit to get you the most coverage possible. Some plans don’t cover it at 100% but most do. We are always happy to verify your benefits for you and help guide you to the most affordable option. Here at Friendly Dental Co. our 3 top priorities for your treatment are to:

  1. Offer the highest quality, most affordable care
  2. Make dental care as painless as possible, and
  3. Streamline your treatment for as few office visits as possible.

You should not have any surprises when you visit us, so we’ll go over any and all out-of-pocket costs before we begin any treatment.

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